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Sooner Elementary Compact


                                                   Sooner Elementary School

                                                  Title I Partnership Compact

                              Building Character for Highest Student Achievement



As a parent or adult who has legal responsibility for the child, I agree to be responsible for supporting my child in the following ways as he/she learns to improve academically.

  • Be responsible by seeing that my child attends school regularly, on time, and with proper materials.

  • Respect the rules and policies of the school and expect my child to follow school and classroom rules.

  • Show honesty by sharing information with teachers to help them meet my child’s needs.

  • Motivate my child by talking about school experiences to encourage learning and will assist with homework and projects when necessary. 



Parent/Guardian Signature/ Date


As a student, I will share the responsibility to improve my academic achievement and achieve the State’s high standards. Specifically, I will:

  • Be responsible for my actions and the work I do. I will follow school, classroom, and bus rules.

  • Show respect in the way I act, talk, and care for materials, teachers, and my peers.

  • Be honest. Since everyone makes mistakes, being honest about them will help me learn not to make them again. 

  • Be motivated. I will complete quality work and turn it in on time. I will encourage others to follow my example.



Student Signature/ Date


As a teacher, I/We will encourage and support students’ learning in this school by doing the following:

  • Be responsible by learning about and implementing effective teaching strategies.

  • Show respect by enforcing school, class, and bus rules fairly and consistently.

  • Show honesty by giving complete and accurate information about your child.

  • Motivate students by designing a safe and positive classroom where all thinking is honored.



Teacher Signature/ Date


As Principal, I support positive parent involvement! Therefore, I will strive to provide:

  • Be responsible for the safety and achievement of all students.

  • Show respect for the individual differences found among teachers, families, and students.

  • Be honest in representing  School Board policy.

  • Motivate the staff and community by providing support, information, and materials to increase student achievement.



Principal Signature/ Date

Sooner Title I Compact