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Sooner Parent Involvement Policy


                                                      Sooner Elementary School

                                                Title I Parental Involvement Policy

                                                        2023-2024 School Year


Sooner Elementary is committed to providing a quality education for every child as well as establishing strong partnerships with parents. Shared responsibility for high student performance, frequent communication, and ongoing parental involvement are essential components for assuring academic success for our students. 


Sooner Elementary is required to have an annual parent meeting to inform parents of our schools’ participation as a Title I site and explain the rights of parents to be involved in their children’s education.  All parents will be invited to attend our site meeting , which will be scheduled each Fall. Sooner Elementary’s Title I policy and program goals will be discussed, as well as a description of the curriculum, Oklahoma Standards, and assessments used to monitor student progress in each grade. 


Additional parent involvement meetings will be planned to respond to parent needs and help strengthen the home-school partnership connection. Meetings will vary in respect to time and day and provide each parent the opportunity for participation. 


A School-Parent-Teacher-Student Compact will be utilized in an effort to formally recognize the importance of working together as cooperative partners in the educational process. It is Sooner Elementary’s Title I reading program’s goal to enable students to successfully reach their academic potential.

Communication between parents and teachers will be maintained on a continuing basis throughout the school year. Parents are provided quarterly academic progress reports and results of individual student assessments. Through scheduled activities, parents will have access to the teacher and will be given opportunities to volunteer, observe, and participate in classroom activities. 


Parents and staff will be involved in planning, reviewing, and improving the program offered under the Title I plan. Needs assessment and program evaluation surveys will be conducted in the Spring of each school year and will be utilized to guide the revision of the plan for the following year at this site.

Sooner Parent Involvement Policy 2023-2024