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Jack Phillips Named Oklahoma's Education Support Professional of the Year

Jack Phillips - Oklahoma Educational Support Professional of the Year
Rusty Anderson

MPS is proud to announce that our Technology Department's very own Jack Phillips has been named OEA’s Support Professional of the Year for Oklahoma.

Nominations from across the state highlighted outstanding support to day-to-day educational processes, professional achievements in their job, promotion of public education in their community, and enhancing the image of the association.

Mr. Phillips will now be eligible for the NEA ESP award.


Want to see the man in action and why MPS appreciates him so much? Click here to watch Jack's interview in preparation for last spring's MPS Excellence in Education Ceremony.

I love working with all the people that I work with, and I can't do my job without them. - Jack Phillips

Jack is instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of Moore Public Schools. In his role overseeing electrical systems, including security cameras and alarms, he brings innovation to create a streamlined and secure educational environment. Through unwavering vigilance, preventive maintenance, and collaboration, he minimizes disruptions, provides training, and fosters a proactive safety culture. His efforts contribute to a technologically advanced and secure space, promoting effective teaching and learning while exemplifying a commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, Mr. Phillips' dedication extends beyond operational efficiency. His professionalism and innovative contributions not only build trust in the educational system but also underscore the importance of public education. His "service before self" attitude reflects a positive image of public education, reinforcing the district's commitment to both academic excellence and the well-being of students and staff.