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Keri Thompson Named MPS 2023 District Teacher of the Year

2023 Teacher of the Year Keri Thompson
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Anna Aguilar

The Moore Public Schools Foundation named the MPS 2023 Teacher of the Year yesterday during the annual Excellence in Education Ceremony at Moore High School. 

MOORE, Okla. (April 12, 2023) -- The Moore Public Schools Foundation held its annual Excellence in Education awards ceremony last night at Moore High School. Dozens of employees and community partners were recognized as Site-Level Teachers of the Year, the District Finalists for 2023 Teacher of the Year, along with the school site Patrons of the Year. The National Anthem was performed by the MHS Choral Ensemble and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by MHS Senior Class President Kaitlin Lee.  

The awards program was led by MPSF Board Pres. Zach Swift and Board Member MaKailee George, who also introduced the new MPSF Executive Director Lizzy Bozarth. MPS Superintendent Dr. Robert Romines welcomed the guests and nominees and presented an MPS Outstanding Community Partner Award to John M. Ireland and Son Funeral Home and Chapel. 

"I cannot begin to describe the compassionate care their team has showered on our families during their most intense times of heartache...the John M. Ireland and Son Funeral Home always step forward first, to help soothe and care for our grieving families. They care for MPS families out of the goodness of their hearts because it is who they are," Dr. Romines said. 

Bryant Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Keri Thompson was named the 2023 District Teacher of the Year and congratulated by the 2022 District Teacher of the Year, Southmoore Social Studies Teacher Alona Whitebird. Thompson holds bachelor's degrees in Math and in Elementary Education through Mid-America Christian University and has worked for 17 years in the education industry.  

"Teaching is a calling, not just a job. True educators do so to become positive influencers on children. We use the tools of discovering knowledge and increasing one’s independence to draw students into the realization of the bigger world around them and how they fit into that world.

"I always wanted to be a teacher. It is as if I was born with the desire to educate. I was the kid who asked the teacher for extra work and would take it home to play school with my stuffed animals," said Thompson.

Additionally, Technology Electronics Technician Jack Phillips was named the 2023 District Educational Support Professional of the Year.  

Sen. Darrell Weaver attended the program to congratulate each of the winners and he presented them with commendations from his office. Armstrong Bank presented Thompson with a $1,000 scholarship for continued education or professional development. David Stanley Chevrolet presented Thompson with $500 and the MPS Foundation provided the finalists with $500 awards and $1,000 for the winner.


Rocky Dickinson, Highland West -

Elizabeth Holt, Sky Ranch -

Lisa Nelson, Highland East -

Lisa Roberts, Southmoore -

Keri Thompson, Bryant -



Apple Creek: Tracy Hayes

Briarwood: Gina Yoder

Broadmoore: Dianne Vangundy-Babb

Bryant: Keri Thompson

Central: Sam Canaday  

Earlywine: Aimee Ballenger

Eastlake: Eden Fatkin

Fairview: Alleah Herrin

Fisher: Heather Kovach

Heritage Trails: Theresa Mosier

Houchin: Katelyn Tanner

Kelley: Dylan Wise

Kingsgate: Kathryn Scruggs

Northmoor: Rebecca Birckett

Oakridge: Sharon Moore

Plaza Towers: Megan Williams

Red Oak: Kaylie McAllister

Santa Fe: Rachel Loop

Sky Ranch: Elizabeth Holt

Sooner: Judith Osborn

South Lake: Heather Anderson

Southgate: Holli Warner

Timber Creek: Amanda Evershed

Wayland Bonds: Janice Walker

Winding Creek: Emily Taylor

Brink: Ashley Rice

Central: Norman Crowe

Highland East: Lisa Nelson

Highland West: Rocky Dickinson

Moore West: Emily Howsden

Southridge: Maranda Montgomery

Moore: Deena Dina

Southmoore: Lisa Roberts

Westmoore: Daniel Dumbleton

Vista Academies: Jon Owen



Apple Creek: Tawnie Grace

Briarwood: Donna Spaulding

Broadmoore: Brittany Tillison

Bryant: Scotti Curry

Central: Caitlin Davidson

Earlywine: Kevin Glover                                                                

Eastlake: Brooke James

Fairview: Stephanie Glenn

Fisher: Leslie Wences

Heritage Trails: Heidi Nunn

Houchin: Jennifer Millwee

Kelley: Caroline Jimerson

Kingsgate: Sally Watson

Northmoor: Christina Durrett

Oakridge: Amy Catlege

Plaza Towers: Barbara Saavedra

Red Oak: Ann Verdicchio

Santa Fe: Megan Byrd

Sky Ranch: Bailey Hatchell

Sooner: Robyn Moore

South Lake: Delonda Fuller

Southgate: Jessica Wynd

Timber Creek: Sabrina Dixon

Wayland Bonds: Kathaleen Dunn

Winding Creek: Amber Robinson

Brink: Mavis Myers

Central JH: Samantha Ainsworth

Highland East: Kelly Thornburg

Highland West: Catherine Peters

Moore West: Monica Aviles  

Southridge: Carlee Raines

Moore: Jenny Wheeler

Southmoore: Karla Ake

Westmoore: Jonna Veatch

Vista Academies: Karen Alfaro Cardenas



Apple Creek: Roger Asseo

Bonds: Renee Bivins

Briarwood: Kayla Haney and Lyndsie Floyd

Brink: Rachel Johnson

Broadmoore: Aubyn Cruz

Bryant: Carla Bond

Central Elementary: Serena Ramey and Genesis Church

Central JH: Heather Sipes

Earlywine: Ben Randall

Eastlake: Cherree Adkison and Kim Montgomery

Fairview: Leslie Briggs

Fisher: Shannon Brakebill

Heritage Trails: Jenny Potter and Deanna Wiles

Highland East: Debbie Mongold

Highland West: Breann Turner

Houchin: Frontline Church

Kelley: Betty Killensworth

Kingsgate: Brittany Crofts

Moore HS: Greg Conder

Northmoor: Alicia Irvin

Oakridge: Rini Tan

Plaza Towers: Kathryn Hagan

Red Oak: Brenda Stafford

Santa Fe: Julie Oetting

Sky Ranch: April Galindo-Liongco

Sooner: Tierny McDonald

South Lake: Pamela Duncan

Southgate: Aleasha Bumgarner

Southmoore: Kristi Campbell

Southridge: Stacy Brown

Timber Creek: Rashelle Foale

VISTA: Christi Watson

West JH: April Galindo-Liongco

Westmoore: Kimberly Davis

Winding Creek: Shannon Freeman


To see photos of this year's nominees or to review past MPS Teachers of the Year visit here. To see open teaching positions in Moore Public Schools visit our Personnel page or call 405-735-4000.

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