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Volleyball Standout Thomas Earns Green 13 Title

Volleyball player Jocelyn Thomas
Anna Aguilar

MHS Volleyball standout Jocelyn Thomas named a Green 13 winner over 50,000 athletes.

Moore High School junior and volleyball standout Jocelyn Thomas was selected as one of 13 Lead 'Em Up 2024 Green 13 winners this month. She was surprised with the announcement and honor on May 17. 
From the Lead 'Em Up Website: 

Welcome to the 2024 Lead ‘Em Up Green 13 Awards! Now in its fifth year, this esteemed award continues to celebrate the extraordinary efforts of young leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and character both on and off the field. Within the Lead ‘Em Up community, being “Green” signifies something truly special, and this year’s recipients embody that distinction more than ever.

Throughout the past year, nearly 50,000 students and athletes experienced the transformative power of Lead ‘Em Up. Our unique program empowers coaches and teachers to nominate their top leaders for our annual Green 13 Award, a testament to the impact these young individuals have made in their communities.

This year, we received a record number of nominations from coaches and teachers nationwide, all eager to spotlight the remarkable students and athletes they get to work with. After a thorough and thoughtful selection process, we are thrilled to introduce 13 outstanding individuals who exemplify what it means to be 100% Green. These leaders have not only shone brightly during their seasons but have consistently demonstrated their commitment and excellence throughout the entire year.

As a part of the Green 13, each winner will receive an exclusive Lead ‘Em Up swag pack, including a special Green Team recognition. Moreover, thanks to our generous partners at Chick-fil-A, these exceptional young leaders will enjoy the incredible prize of FREE CHICK-FIL-A FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Entering its fifth year, the Green 13 Awards continue to grow in prestige and significance. We are immensely proud of this year’s winners, who stand out as some of the most deserving recipients we have ever had. Their stories of leadership and character inspire us all, making the 2024 Green 13 Awards a highlight of our year.


Moore High School, Volleyball, Oklahoma

Jocelyn Thomas possesses extraordinary leadership and unwavering dedication. Her journey toward her Green 13 honor began on the first day of preseason when she made an unforgettable impression.

As her coach introduced the Lead ‘Em Up program and the Green Team Standards, Jocelyn immediately recognized the potential for transformation. Without hesitation, she stood before her entire team and passionately declared, “This is the difference between last year, and what we can do this year. If we buy into this, it WILL work. We’ve been talented, now we need the last piece of the puzzle.” From that moment, it was clear that Jocelyn’s impact would be profound.

Jocelyn’s leadership is marked by her ability to command respect and inspire her teammates. Described as the strongest leader her coach has ever worked with, she balances strict accountability with encouragement, ensuring her team stays motivated and united. Her fearlessness is evident as she holds everyone, including star players, to high standards. Jocelyn’s relentless drive and hunger for success pushed her team to new heights, fostering an environment where every member is inspired to lead.

A defining characteristic of Jocelyn’s leadership is her resilience in the face of challenges. This season, she encountered two significant “red moments” that tested her resolve. Instead of being discouraged, she emerged stronger, demonstrating remarkable growth that propelled her team to a record-breaking season. Her ability to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth exemplifies the true spirit of a Green teammate.

Jocelyn’s influence extends beyond her peers, challenging even her coach to become a better follower of the team. Her coach proudly acknowledges that Jocelyn has set a high standard for future team leaders, and with another year ahead, there is eager anticipation for the continued impact she will make.

Jocelyn Thomas is undeniably deserving of the Green 13 Award. Her leadership, resilience, and unyielding dedication have not only transformed her team but also set a new benchmark for excellence.

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